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So long…

After a lot of thought and for various reasons I’ve decided to close My Botany Life (the blog, Facebook page and Twitter profile).

When I started My Botany Life 3 years ago we had just moved to Botany and I wasn’t able to find much online about what was happening in the community, local business info, family activities, etc so I decided to create something. It’s been great fun and I thank everyone for making comments, emailing me and sharing the Botany love!

I’m starting a new photo project on Instagram so if you’d like to, please follow @botany2019.

I’m also going to redirect my energies to my young family, career and other interests.

See you around Botany and thanks again!

Rhonda x

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Botany businesses

Botany businesses

As part of the My Botany Life blog I’ve compiled more than 75 local Botany businesses in one place, so if you’re looking for a local service or business check out the Local Businesses and Services Directory.

It includes local childcare centres, general businesses, cafes, restaurants, JPs servicing the area and government representatives. If you have a business, organisation or service to add (for free) please comment on this post or get in touch via Facebook – I’m always looking for more listings.

Rhonda x


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Meet Botany: Sam

Samantha - My Botany Life

Meet Sam, another Botany local. Sam is a local family daycare provider and an all round lovely person!

“We moved to Botany mid last year when we bought our first home in Australia. We were fed up of being in a small unit in Coogee and after my husband took me on a drive to Botany with our then baby girl, I fell in love with how green it was!

All the parks and lovely wide tree lined streets were beautiful and it also felt like a community. Then he took me to Botannix and I was sold!

I’ve run my family daycare here since a few months after we moved to Botany. I love running it in Botany as there is such a great selection of parks and it’s flat for my quad pram. I love my job as I get to see children, including my own daughter, grow and develop. Every day they put a smile on my face!

My ideal weekend would be spent with my family. A Friday evening drink at Waterworks, then an early dinner at Capanno. Coffee and a park play date on Saturday, then Botany pool in summer or a visit to a local beach in the afternoon for a swim. Some baking time with my Thermie, ready for the week ahead, and I’m a happy woman.

We love to shop local and we buy our fruit and veggies from the green grocers on Botany Road and our meat from Havericks.”

Thanks Sam for introducing yourself to Botany as part of ‘Meet Botany’ – a My Botany Life project which introduces you to your neighbours. If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured please get in touch via Facebook.

Rhonda x

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Meet Botany: Angeline the Disco Queen

Angeline the Disco Queen

Meet the lovely and spectacular Angeline the Disco Queen! She’s the first professional musician to be profiled as part of ‘Meet Botany’: 

“I run a music appreciation classes for under 5’s at Circle Music in Botany – called ‘Shake & Stomp’ – with my cohort and business partner Lindy Sardelic (aka Windy Lindy).

We love the local beautiful children and families that we have met in Botany over the past 18 months. Some come in every once in a while and we also have our beautiful regulars, who I would like to say we now call friends.

We have watched the children grow, learn how to jump, get their mouths around the ABC (it’s a lot trickier than adults remember), babies being born and personalities emerging. I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

On weekends I enjoy an early morning swim at Maroubra, a smiley Shake & Stomp class, hanging out with my beautiful baby bird (my daughter Sahana who is nearly 10, pictured above) and a chat with my mum in New Zealand. And good conversation and laughing – always laughter.:)

I’ve been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 12 years at an amazing centre at the University of New South Wales called Tigger’s Honeypot. It was a job that I ‘fell’ into, looking for work to support my career as a performer.

What I do as an educator is what I know: sing, dance, use silly voices – anything that will make the children laugh. Laughter is a great relationship starter!

‘Shake & Stomp Vol I’ is an album I recently released and it came about through simply trying to entertain the children I work with. About 7 years ago I picked up a Djembe and started playing it for the children, and then I started making up songs. Then we (me and the children) started making up songs and we all loved it!!

All of sudden I had all of these songs and I could see that the children loved and responded to them so I thought ‘I should do something with this’.

So I got together with my good friend and Producer, Syd Green (who I had previously recorded a grown-ups album with) and our friend Bongo in early 2014, and recorded four songs. Then I worked really hard and kept on writing with the children, and saved my pennies. Later in 2014 we got together again and recorded eight more songs.

I am so proud of the album and it makes me so happy. It makes me even happier that the group of children I worked so closely with and who inspired me for 2 years are actually on one of the tracks, Toys in Space. It’s a beautifully captured moment in time that will continue to resonate with more children.

I would love to win the 2015 Aria Award with it too, for ‘Best Children’s Album’!”

You can check out Shake & Stomp on Facebook and listen to and buy Angeline’s album here.

Good luck with the Arias Angeline and thanks for introducing yourself to Botany as part of ‘Meet Botany’ – a My Botany Life project which introduces locals. If you have suggestions for people to feature please get in touch via Facebook.

Rhonda x

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Botany Aquatic Centre

Botany Aquatic Centre

Botany Aquatic Centre opened in the 1960’s and is a great place to make memories! We enjoy going there during summer and love our pick of two huge pools.

The Centre has a really nice atmosphere and everyone seems to be having loads of fun, particularly on the water slides!

Facilities at the Centre:

  • 50 metre heated outdoor pool
  • 22 metre heated outdoor pool
  • Shaded and heated pool for the littlies
  • Two giant waterslides
  • Children’s playground
  • Large grassed areas with BBQs
  • Learn to swim classes
  • Function area for hire
  • Hot showers
  • Ample parking

Botany Aquatic Centre is on the corner of Myrtle and Jasmine Streets (view Google map). They are open 7 days a week over summer (dates confirmed each year). Phone 02 – 9316 6218 for more info.

See you pool side.

Rhonda x

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Meet Botany: Dave

Dave and family  - My Botany Life

Meet Dave – he’s lived in Botany for 3 years with his beautiful family and is our latest ‘Meet Botany’ local:

“We’ve been in Botany for almost 3 years now. Firstly right next to the airport in a place some friends owned but now we’re closer to Botannix Studio Cafe. Before that we’d been in the inner west in Stanmore and Newtown and as we lived above a cafe for 5 years, we love seeing all the new cafes popping up here!

I live with my beautiful wife Sarah and our kids, Jock (5), Eve (3), Rose (5 months) and Sparky, the goldfish (3) (pictured below – except Sparky).

I try to go running around Botany in the mornings when Sarah isn’t swimming, and afternoon walks to the local park are always fun. Garnet Jackson Reserve is the closest and my kids love seeing how fast we can get them spinning on the equipment. No accidents yet.

I think I must have the best job in Botany! I’m the Pastor at Botany Bay Community Church which is a wonderful group of local people who meet at Banksmeadow Public School on Sundays, but share life throughout the week as well. I get to spend time with locals talking about life and how Jesus gives it a brand new shape and meaning. And yes, much coffee is consumed in the process!

Throw in a whole lot of kids programs like scripture teaching at Banksmeadow Public, Kids Club and Youth Group for teenagers on Friday nights, and doing whatever else I can to serve the local community, and you’ve got a full week!

I’d encourage people moving into the area to take the opportunity of a fresh start to re-examine their spirituality. Come and visit us at Banksmeadow Public School on a Sunday at 10am. That, and get into a coffee and a bacon and egg roll at Deluca for breakfast!”

Thanks for being part of ‘Meet Botany’ Dave – a My Botany Life project which introduces Botany locals with a photo and mini story. If you have suggestions for people to feature please get in touch via Facebook.

Rhonda x